Customer experience management

A queue management system : why ?

You want to improve the customer experience of your visitors and direct them correctly to the right services? Opt for a queue management system, or commonly referred to as a GFA !

This type of system allows you to script all the steps of the reception of your visitor, before, during and after his visit in your company.

The hosting process is always upstream of the file management step. Many companies do not take into account important elements of the process and direct their visitors inappropriately. Consequence: More than 37% of visitors select a service ticket that does not match their expectations.

Opt for a queue management system offering you:

  • Complete personalization of the menu of your ticket dispenser;
  • Receiving your statistics in real time
  • A platform for updating digital display content embedded in the call system;
  • An SMS-making tool;
  • A team at your service for remote support.

From an organizational point of view, a file management system allows for better management of your staff, a cost reduction and a better profitability for your business.

Why you wait to improve your customer experience ?