Customer experience management

Definition and use of dynamic digital display in 2017

Digital display is a dissemination tool to communicate information efficiently and quickly to your customers.

Whether you want to educate them about your products and services and to advertise your promotions and contests, this tool helps reduce the perception of customers ‘ expectation and minimizes the use of paper. In addition, the customer’s eye will be more attracted to dynamic and personalized advertising than a static array.

There are several solutions that allow you to integrate and use dynamic display technology in your business:

  • Fixed terminals with the installation of screens for your waiting areas, behind your service counter or projecting outside your business;
  • Virtual kiosks allowing you to disseminate your content via the Web, perfect for your website or in your various events.

We offer an easy-to-use, intuitive and dynamic content management platform at IMAJ Consulting Group that will allow you to update your content anywhere and anytime:

  • Embed your videos and JPEG images
  • Create your own animation through the platform
  • Put it all in a broadcast campaign
  • Broadcast your personalized messages and the weather
  • Slide everything to your schedule and broadcast on your screens and on the web!

Dynamic digital display is perfect for all these sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Financial
  • Events
  • Health

Inform yourself now about the solution that will meet your needs!