Customer experience management

Millennial generation : The Customer Experience reinvented

Each company has to offer a quality customer service. With the new generation in progress and the future, it is imperative to offer a service that is enhanced in relation to the customer experience.

When you think about customer experience, you think about millennial generation. This generation of 18 to 34 years are connected, dynamic and want to totally change the world. Since they quickly share what they do, feel free to be present on social networks, have your online sales site and offer them a great experience in store. These actions will allow you to associate them with your business. As a general rule, a customer loyal to 20 years is worth much more than a loyal customer at 50 years, for the simple reason that he will have 30 years more to consume a product *.

Here are some tips for creating a WOW:

  • Integrate dynamic display screens in key locations to disseminate your promotions, products and services: Home, showcase, waiting room, behind a service counter; Take advantage of this to disseminate community content such as the events and activities of your neighbourhood: a winning strategy for the local economy!
  • Use a SMS service to support your customers;
  • Share a contest or special offer on social networks when they are in the store or when they buy online;
  • Provide technology tools to your advisors on the road so they can quickly convey information to your customers.

All the options are good to reinvent your customer service and make sure to offer an experience to your customer that he will remember!

* Quote from Sean Saraq, senior director and brand strategies of KBS +, Article Six things to know about Millennial-Infopresse