Customer experience management

The Multifunction Kiosk is now available

IMAJ created this terminal based on the needs expressed by our customers and our implementation experience with our solutions for reception and queue management.

The manufacturing of this terminal is made up of simple and available elements in Quebec.

Our kiosk can be installed in stores or in the reception area for employees and customers in a few minutes.


Single queue management at the cash counter in store
Facilitates the implementation of the social distancing standard and improves your service to customers.

Examples: Food market, retail store, banking, municipal, etc.



Queue management of access to shops or events
Taking virtual tickets via a QrCode. For customers without mobile devices, it’s possible to register customers in the system via a reception agent.

Examples: Access to business premises, recovery of equipment, delivery of test results, participation in an activity such as meeting Santa Claus, etc.

We offer the following features and options:

Freestanding terminal with 21-inch digital signage screen and Android Mini PC (wired or WiFi connection).

Digital signage solution IMAJ Diffusion.

Queue management solution with IMAJ Experience Orion without equipement (SaaS).

Reception service with virtual ticket via mobile device to manage access to your business by appointment or according to the order of arrival on site.

Contactless gel dispenser (large volume). The customer can integrate his distributor under certain conditions.
Note: Validation of the fastening support required beforehand.

Customization of the terminal cover. Optional

Rental service with purchase option available.Optional

Turnkey operating service.

Product integrated with our technologies to improve the customer and employee experience.