Customer experience management

The city of Otterburn Park has two digital billboards!

A few months ago, two digital billboards were installed in the City of Otterburn Park.

These new communication tools allow the City to adequately inform its citizens about job offers, public service announcements, increase the visibility of activities and promote municipal news.

In addition to informing citizens and strengthening the flow of information, the City of Otterburn Park allows non-profit organizations (NPOs), officially recognized by the City, to post public service announcements for free. Great visibility for community organizations in the region!

A technology adapted to municipal reality

In the municipal sector, as in many sectors of activity, it’s often necessary to quickly inform citizens about important subjects such as a boil water advisory, a snow removal operation and much more. In this case, the information must be spread promptly and to a wide audience.

Thanks to the IMAJ Diffusion solution and our IMAJ content management platform, employees of the city can add, modify and remove content in few seconds.

An efficient and fast method of keeping citizens informed at all times!

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