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The city of Otterburn Park has two digital billboards!

A few months ago, two digital billboards were installed in the City of Otterburn Park.

These new communication tools allow the City to adequately inform its citizens about job offers, public service announcements, increase the visibility of activities and promote municipal news.

In addition to informing citizens and strengthening the flow of information, the City of Otterburn Park allows non-profit organizations (NPOs), officially recognized by the City, to post public service announcements for free. Great visibility for community organizations in the region!

A technology adapted to municipal reality

In the municipal sector, as in many sectors of activity, it’s often necessary to quickly inform citizens about important subjects such as a boil water advisory, a snow removal operation and much more. In this case, the information must be spread promptly and to a wide audience.

Thanks to the IMAJ Diffusion solution and our IMAJ content management platform, employees of the city can add, modify and remove content in few seconds.

An efficient and fast method of keeping citizens informed at all times!

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IMAJ180 solution at System Danfreight Systems

The Connexion group, of which Danfreight Systems belongs, approached us in order to integrate a multi-functional screen at their head office.

The digital signage system will allow management to deliver important messages to their employees as well as share corporate videos in many ways.

Through our platform and with a multi-channel broadcaster, they will be able to manage 4 campaigns at once, in addition to adding the weather, the news or even a banner scrolling with personalized messages.

Thank you for your confidence!

IMAJ360 solution at Desjardins Joliette

IMAJ Groupe conseil team is proud of the work done at the Desjardins Joliette.

Our expertise has been used in the management of real estate projects and the integration of a whole new system of management of the reception for their two service centers.

In addition to improving the efficiency of its employees and allowing their customers to experience a personalized, our queue management system will allow the distribution of personalized and corporate content through its digital display.

Thank you for your confidence!

Definition and use of dynamic digital display in 2017

Digital display is a dissemination tool to communicate information efficiently and quickly to your customers.

Whether you want to educate them about your products and services and to advertise your promotions and contests, this tool helps reduce the perception of customers ‘ expectation and minimizes the use of paper. In addition, the customer’s eye will be more attracted to dynamic and personalized advertising than a static array.

There are several solutions that allow you to integrate and use dynamic display technology in your business:

  • Fixed terminals with the installation of screens for your waiting areas, behind your service counter or projecting outside your business;
  • Virtual kiosks allowing you to disseminate your content via the Web, perfect for your website or in your various events.

We offer an easy-to-use, intuitive and dynamic content management platform at IMAJ Consulting Group that will allow you to update your content anywhere and anytime:

  • Embed your videos and JPEG images
  • Create your own animation through the platform
  • Put it all in a broadcast campaign
  • Broadcast your personalized messages and the weather
  • Slide everything to your schedule and broadcast on your screens and on the web!

Dynamic digital display is perfect for all these sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Financial
  • Events
  • Health

Inform yourself now about the solution that will meet your needs!

The presentation tool to obtain !

Are you looking for an effective product that will allow you to communicate quickly and easily with your customers?

IMAJ Groupe Conseil offers a document management tool that will simplify your meetings and presentations: the WEBDOC.

The WEBDOC is easily accessible through our management interface in order to integrate your content and modify it quickly at any time.

PDF Documents, pictures, links, videos: The possibilities for integrating content are endless with the WebDoc.

You can access the WEBDOC for presentation through your mobile and desktop computers. So this is the perfect tool for your reps on the road!

At your meetings, easily find your documentation and send it quickly to the customer’s email, all through your WebDoc. You can even print the document on the spot as needed.

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